NJA Therapy will help “redefine child’s independence” using his daily living skills and occupations. A child’s primary occupation is PLAY. We encourage parents to be involved during the therapy session and have fun with their child!

• Individual and group setting

• Social Skills Classes

• The Listening Program

• Handwriting class

• It’s PLAY time!

• Seasonal classes

• Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy will encourage a child to enjoy play and use it as a means to develop his independence or his highest possible functional level. Occupational therapy addresses skill development or re-development by using his environment through different activities. Occupational therapy targets these areas: behavior, cognitive, motor, social, aspects of language, and self-care/help skills. It also enables the child to integrate and use his sensory processing skills, form behavior and appropriate responses to certain/ presenting stimuli.

  • Developmental Consultation and Evaluation
  • Motor skills evaluation and treatment program
    • Gross motor skills training
    • Fine motor skills training
    • Handwriting
    • Tool use
  • Sensory integration evaluation and treatment program
  • Feeding Evaluation and treatment program
  • Social skills training